The company AIRONE, specialized in the manufacturing of soles, heels and plates in compact rubber, was established in 1994, after a previous twenty-year experience in
the shoe industry.
The strategy of the company was to become immediately affirmed qualitatively on
the classical and sports shoe market.
We have reached the goal of undoubted prestige with the help of continuous stylistic researches, study and tests of the using materials. The collaboration with innovative molding manufacturing companies allows us to study and to manufacture articles destined to the general market as well as supplying advice and support to
prestigious customers, starting from a simple idea till the final realization of the sole
or accessory, planned with alert view to the present evolution.

AIRONE GOMMA S.r.l. - Via xxv Aprile 35 - 45032 Bergantino (RO) - Tel. +39.0425.544364 Fax +39.0425.544364